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January 11, 2023

Fair Use Policy (FUP)


The Fair Use Policy (FUP) is intended to protect the integrity and stability of Pram IT Solutions’ network and services, and to ensure that all users are able to access the resources they need. The FUP applies to all hosting packages, and sets guidelines for the use of data traffic and disk space.

2.Data traffic

Pram IT Solutions monitors data traffic usage 24/7 to prevent network overload. If a user’s data traffic usage, measured over a period of 1 month, is found to be more than 4 times the limit of the user’s package, Pram IT Solutions will contact the user to discuss options to address the excessive usage.

3.Disk space

Pram IT Solutions also monitors disk space usage, and users are prohibited from storing large amounts of film or photo material or other storage files that are not related to their websites. If the storage capacity, measured over a period of 1 month, exceeds the limits of the user’s package:

• JumpStart, ScaleUp or GrowBig is more than 2 times the limit associated with the package.

• Business, Business Plus or Business Extreme is more than 4 times the limit associated with the package.


If a user’s usage exceeds the limits set by the FUP, Pram IT Solutions will work with the user to find an appropriate solution. In the event that a user does not follow Pram IT Solutions’ recommendations, Pram IT Solutions reserves the right to temporarily block access to the user’s account or charge additional fees. These actions will only be taken as a last resort.

5.DDoS protection

Pram IT Solutions automatically activates its DDoS protection in the event of a DDoS attack. In the case of larger attacks, the website may be taken down for at least 24 hours to minimize damage to the network and other users.

6.Term of Service Agreement

The monitoring period starts at the time of service activation and terminates after 30 days. In the case of recurring violations of the FUP, Pram IT Solutions has the right to terminate the service after the third violation.


Pram IT Solutions will reach out to users via email or phone call to notify them of any violations.

8.Data Processing & Protection

Pram IT Solutions is committed to protecting and securely processing our user’s data. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect, store and use our user’s data. Users have the right to access and remove their data at any time.

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